Advisory services

You are an owner/CEO in a medium sized company and you are ready to invest into growth? 

UNIKORNET offers strategy workshops and strategic guidance as well as brand strategy, to position You in the path of Your perfect client. 

Strategic advisory and consulting 

Depending on Your needs, we will find the answers to your urgent questions/problems or provide a longer-lasting,
personal coaching program (lasting 2-6 months).

My core clients are six-figure revenue companies, looking to make a jump towards the bigger league.
(Our preferred method for advisory meetings is ZOOM and/or on the phone.) 

Brand strategies

You don't have a clear understanding who you are selling to? You are having trouble increasing your clientbase?
Brand strategy will help you with finding your perfect client and gives you a clear direction!
Developing a brand strategy usually takes 2-4 weeks.

!! If you are committed to grow/get to the next level, you need to have resources to do so (both money and time ( and human resources)) 

For bookings/questions please contact me 

Are you feeling stuck in your business? Need some clarity, changes and focus? Drop me a line and let´s get you moving

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