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Your company isn´t growing as it should? You know your business is in a need of a change, clarity and focus? And you´re not really sure how to go forward? Let´s have a call and get you moving!

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First of all - let´s find a real problem behind your problem! Secondly, let´s get clear about the goals and resources, Thirdly, let´s get you a focused action plan!

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Usually I work with companies who are generating a minimum of 100K and looking to scale past 7 figures. Here are the main components:

Strategic advisory

Consultations to discover real problems and recommendations for solutions


Longer-lasting business consulting programs with all the necessary guidance and hand-holding

Brand strategies

Few weeks of discovery sessions and workshops to give your brand a strong basis, clarity and focus


I´ve been working with over 400 companies and organizations over the years. F.E Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bondora, Estonian Gas, Remax to name a few.


Here are some problems I have helped to solve. You can find more testimonials under the Testimonials section of my page

"Consulting was very valuable. The importance of focus and knowing my customer and my competition, became very clear to me. How to find their + and – and use that to my advantage — you have to be a problemsolver, not just offer a product/service."

Priit K

Founder of an Ecofurniture startup in EU

"As a result of our first consulting session with you, our turnover grew over 200% with a couple of months. Every new session has given us new knowledge and made us move in the right direction! "

Jaanis L

CEO of a Steel company in EU

"You have given me the courage to make bigger and bolder decisions. And an understanding that the path to success does not come without taking risks and it requires me to became an employer instead of being an employee in my own company"

Urmas L

Owner of a promotional products company in EU

"My company has been working with you for years and you´ve helped us to create great amount of value both in increased revenue and overall business knowledge. Thank you for being part of our team!  "

Daniel H

CEO of an electrical equipment company in DK

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Are you feeling stuck in your business? Need some clarity, changes and focus? Drop me a line and let´s get you moving

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