Katre B
Entrepreneurs definitely need such conversations, no matter what size the company is. If the company wants to grow, develop, move somewhere, it is definitely good to consult with someone who can review things with a fresh eye and help define specific goals and targets for development.
Home organising
Helen V
The conversations were very good - we got new perspectives and a long-term plan for where to move with our company. Being so "in your own business" you may not be able to come to all the different possibilities yourself, and it was good to discuss with you, because you both raised new questions and helped to find solutions
IT field
Marek T
Your experience of doing consultations that will make businesses successful or change direction certainly helped a lot. If I start researching what and how to do it myself, it takes an insane amount of time and in the end I'm still not sure if I'm doing it right. It is easier to discuss with someone who knows, so you get to real actions much faster.
Ecofurniture startup
Priit K
Consulting was very valuable. The importance of focus and knowing my customer and my competition, became very clear to me. How to find their + and - and use that to my advantage — you have to be a problemsolver, not just offer a product/service. If you focus on that, your product/service might end up being something much cooler and more useful, than you originally imagined.
International transport
Erko V
I can say for certain that consulting with you is necessary whether you are just starting, or you are already an active businessman/woman. By not using an “in house” consulting service, you might gain a whole new perspective and find new solutions that you might have missed otherwise. As an entrepreneur, you are dealing with your day-to-day problems and can easily lose sight of you bigger goals. It is important to have your focus re-set from time to time.
Food industry
Reena M
I knew that I needed help with re-focusing, however while doing so, we discovered other nuances-what was missing and how to stand out from the crowd with our offerings and how our perspective on how to do all of that, was off when we started. We got more than enough info from you, and all of it from only one session!
Ecofurniture startup
Silver K
We got a lot of new and useful info, it is difficult to point out, what was the absolute best info out of that, but if I must say, then I think you made our boring product (yes, looking back now, I think it was boring) much better. The new product is solving the clients problem, and it now has that “something” that will make our business a success.
Graphic design
Andrus S
I would recommend you without hesitation to any businessman/entrepreneur. Whether you are just starting out, or are active in business, consulting with Liisbet is useful for everybody. I want to thank you again for agreeing to talk to us and giving us a fresh perspective and a hope for success.
Water and plumbing
Nele L
Every time I have turned to you, I have gotten valuable advice, help and the result I wanted. A big thank you for that! 🙂 Although constructive criticism is always needed to help improve the service, I really can’t remember situation or a problem you did not solve quickly and efficiently.
Metal Products
Jaanis L
As a result of our first consulting session with you, our turnover grew over 200% with a couple of months. Every new session has given us new knowledge and made us move in the right direction!
Beverage manuf. in HR (mentoring project)
Lana V
We recently got a brand strategist (who is my new boss) and he knows approximately 0,1% of what you know and is probably 30 years older than you
Promotional products/materials
Ruve O
Thank you and your colleagues for patiently answering my stupid questions and always doing so without delay. I would recommend your services to anybody!
Air filters
Jan S
I hope any of my rivals don’t contact you. I don’t want you to give them any good info. I am moving in the direction we discussed. Thank you, you were inspiring, you gave me many good ideas on how to proceed. You helped me to see things from another perspective 🙂
Wooden furniture
Martin K
I really love the level of commitment you have towards what you provide your customers with. We got a lot of new info on how to re-build our brand. Co-operation started smoothly from the very first e-mail. As of now, we have worked together for 7 years and we will definitely continue that in the future. Would whole-heartedly recommend to others!
Sports clothing
Maksim P
we are very pleased with you. You have been nothing but helpful and are always providing us with the best results. We have gotten great advice on how to realise our best potential. We would happily recommend your services to anybody! Best wishes to you!
Electrical equipment DK
Daniel H
My company has been working with you for years and you´ve helped us to create great amount of value both in increased revenue and overall business knowledge. Thank you for being part of our team!
Anni K
As a professional in my field I had little knowledge of business- consulting with you has been really helpful, i gained knowledge on what needs to be done. I would recommend your services to everybody who want to “do their own thing” but lack the necessary skills or knowledge to make a business work.
Promotional products/services
Urmas L
You have given me the courage to make bigger and bolder decisions. And an understanding that the path to success does not come without taking risks and it requires me to became an employer instead of being an employee in my own company. So, I decided to hire 2 employees (originally not planned for at least 2 years) and everything is working! Thank you!

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